Famous Chefs Who Are Nothing Like They Seem On TV

Famous Chefs Who Are Nothing Like They Seem On TV

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We associate celebrity chefs with the comfort and familiarity that comes with the food they cook — but not everything is what it seems. These are some of the most surprising instances where celebrity chefs are completely different in real life.

Guy Fieri is just a down-to-earth, all-smiles kind of guy who wants to cover the world in Donkey Sauce. He spends his time traveling to mom-and-pop dining establishments across the country on his super-popular show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and fans have come to know The Mayor of Flavortown for being pretty darn harmless and wholesome.

Unfortunately, those mirrored shades and frosted allegedly hide a heaping amount of homophobia.

Fieri’s former producer, David Page, recounted in an interview that the celebrity chef once chewed him out for having him talk to what he assumed was a gay couple. Fieri allegedly said:

"You can't send me to talk to gay people without warning! Those people weird me out!"

A field producer who formerly worked for the show confirmed that Fieri then told the show’s researchers that they had to let him know if he'd be speaking to any gay people on the show so he could, quote, "prepare" himself.

The rotten cherry on top of the Flavortown Sundae? According to Page, the fiery chef also made anti-Semitic remarks. Turns out Fieri might be as charmless as his flame-print bowling shirts and bleach blond goatee.

Watch the video to see more famous chefs who are nothing like they seem on TV!

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