15 Shows Like Longmire Fans Need To Watch

15 Shows Like Longmire Fans Need To Watch

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August 21, 2021
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Longmire’s path to success wasn’t a straightforward one. The A&E series, which follows Walt Longmire’s tenure as sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, lasted three seasons on its original network, becoming its highest rated original drama in the process. It continued to find critical acclaim when it moved to Netflix in 2015, where it lasted for another three seasons.

Alas, Longmire reached the end of the road in 2017, leaving many of its fans wanting more. While these series may not strike exactly the same tone as the beloved western drama, they do come pretty close. Here are 15 shows like Longmire fans need to watch.

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Bosch | 0:00
Hell on Wheels | 1:18
The Son | 2:17
Sons of Anarchy | 3:13
Bloodline | 4:01
Deadwood | 4:51
Yellowstone | 6:00
Justified | 6:50
Tin Star | 7:46
Hap and Leonard | 8:59
Broadchurch | 9:55
Luther | 10:56
Wynonna Earp | 11:44
Godless | 12:32
Banshee | 13:13

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By: Looper
Title: 15 Shows Like Longmire Fans Need To Watch
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